Just on a personal level, we’re big fans of Taglines. It’s fun to work on them and they’re fun to come up with. We’re big fans of the idea that a couple of words joined together can represent a basic idea that you hopefully want planted in your audiences’ heads. To sell your ‘vision’ to the consumers. Some of them become so popular that they sort of become more iconic than the brand itself. Think about it, how many times have you heard ‘Just do it’ even when nothing around you remotely had anything to do with NIKE?

The fun with taglines is that they affect you in subtler ways than you might think. And whilst creating them, you can get creative and multi-layered as well. Taglines represent the psychology of the brand and are tools that communicate that said psychology into making a connection with an audience. They have to evoke a response within the viewer instantly. And this is the sort of thinking that keeps copywriters across the globe constantly on their toes. A single moment of inspiration can lead to the creation of a memorable tagline that can change things.

“Sometimes. You may strike gold…”


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